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AI Los Osos 2020-23 Closed Sales

AI Los Osos 2020-23

Despite gaining almost 17.5% in closed median sales prices last year, the Los Osos real estate prices seem to be on a decline.  A review of the past four years’ closed median sales prices and closed sales are shown in the chart and graph  below.

Los Osos – Past 4 Year’s Closed Median Sales Prices & Sales
YearMedian Sale PriceDifference% DifferenceSalesDifference% Difference

AI Los Osos 2020-23

The Los Osos real estate market appears to be poised for a slow down, with 2023 ending with a slight decrease of about -1%.   While inventory remain limited for buyers, the positive news are 30-year fixed mortgage interest rates have dropped to mid-6% levels and may decrease further.

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