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Tips for a Smooth Escrow
Here are the top 10 tips provided by a local title/escrow company that will help to facilitate a smooth escrow and sale:-

1.    Provide a completely executed legible contract - all pages should be initialed and signed.  All addendums and counters are to be initialed and signed, with all boxes checked, where appropriate.

2.    Provide escrow company with all copies of reports and respective invoices that concern escrow as soon as the reports and invoices become available. Examples include pest and septic tank inspection reports.

3.   Advise escrow company if a Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) report is to be ordered through escrow, and if so, advise name of NHD company to order the report from.

4.   Provide escrow company with contact information on your clients, including mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses.

5.   Alert and advise your escrow officer if your client is planning to be out of town at any time during escrow period.

6.   Provide your clients with a timeline on the escrow process and prepare them for what to expect during escrow.  Impress on clients about the importance that time is of essence and necessity to return signed documents in a timely manner.  Let clients know that items would be prorated and inform them to keep payments current during escrow.

7.   Be aware of HOA payments and any upfront payments that may need to be paid.

8.   If any negotiations are made after escrow had been opened, prepare an addendum to the contract, and provide escrow company with a copy signed by both parties.

9.   Order home warranty, and ensure that home warranty company provides an invoice to escrow company.

10.  Most importantly, communicate with your clients, escrow company and all parties to the contract.



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Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010 12:29 AM by Sherry Peckhoon Sim


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