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A good service provider is hired!

I had locked the front door to the office one evening, when Clif Coimbra of Riptide Alchemy showed up. He was leaving a flyer for our office. I opened the door and spoke to him. It turned out that he specialized in hot tubs and spas and pools, and in servicing older models.

It so happened I had an older hot tub that needed to be checked and serviced.  The hot tub came with the house. It had been six years since anyone had looked at it.  Clif was really nice and patient with my questions. He came over to my place firstly to check it, and could not locate a older fuse. On his own accord, he visited the nearest hardware store to locate the fuse but they did not have it. Then he called to ask me. I had no idea of what he was talking about. I asked my husband who had kept the fuse away for a day like this.  Clif had said that he would be willing to check out another store if we could not find it.  It took me a week to find the fuse. By that weekend, Clif had to leave town to attend to business and could not return for another week.  He took the trouble to call me to let me know. When he did return a week later, he came by immediately, installed the fuse that we found, and checked and reported to me that my hot tub was in working condition.  He did all of that without charging me a penny.

Naturally, I was impressed with Clif's level of attention and follow-up. For his efforts, I decided to engage his services to maintain my new-found hot tub. Please know Clif also offered to teach me how to maintain my hot tub.  He would be happy to furnish any supplies or tell me where to get them.   I appreciated Clif's attentiveness to detail.

Clif returned again.  He cleaned, established the PH balance and brought the temperature to speed for me to use that very evening.  relaxing in a hot tubI had since used the hot tub almost every other day to relax my neck and tense muscles and painful right shoulder. I wondered why I had not bothered to get someone to look at the hot tub sooner. 

Things do happen for a reason. For me, I may be waiting for the right service provider.  Clif is also a reminder to me that we, as agents, need to accord the same level of attention and follow-up to our clients in our line of work.  We would be hired too, if we have Clif's dedication.

If you are looking for a hot tub or pool service provider, I would recommend that you call Clif, 1-866-398-2242, or visit his website, www.riptidealchemy.com


Charmaine Coimbra said:

Thanks for the kind words about the master pool dude, Clif.

Be sure to check out my blog site for more about Clif...


AKA Charmaine Coimbra


# October 1, 2008 10:16 AM
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