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Are you being bugged?



I attended a very educational presentation on drywood termites and fumigation today.  The presentation was given by a local pest inspector, Mark Maxwell from Key Termite Pest Control at our office meeting.

Unlike subterranean termites that live in the soil, drywood termites thrive in the wood.  The drywood termites fester, starting small in size, like the tip of your "pinky" finger, for one whole year, before they begin any action.  Between the second to fifth year, these drywood termites have festered enough to form colonies.

let's party

I am told that their different colonies are unlike us, the ActiveRainers.  They certainly do not mix or network with each other.  The colonies keep multiplying year after year, till we see what I have posted in "Wondered what termites do to wood?".

There are a number of treatment options. According to Mark, fumigation is popular today due to its cost and effectiveness.  Another more expensive option is using heat.  Older and less effective treatment methods include freezing ( which was dropped immediately when a worker reportedly died in the attic ), electricity, and directional microwaving.  Another less toxic alternative is orange oil. (Interesting!) The effectiveness of orange oil is being challenged.

If your property needs fumigation, you may have a chance to look at the fumiscope that is used to measure the gas(es) that's pumped into the house/building.  Leaks, up to 15-20% are common, so pest inspectors would take readings from different corners of the property to obtain a more accurate reading.

If you think you are bugged, you may need the help of a good pest inspector.  For a good read, check out UC Davis Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program.

or, join Mark, whose voice showed excitement when he found this -




Btw, Mark said among the invertebrate pests or bugs, spiders are the ones who could survive through fumigation.



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