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A showcase of memorabilia at the Neue Galerie spotlights the Central European exiles who crafted Hollywood’s great wartime love story.

12/1/2022 2:41:20 PM

The work of Michaelina Wautier, a 17th-century artist, was long overlooked. She is belatedly gaining recognition as an old master, as the first U.S. show of her work opens in Boston.

12/2/2022 7:56:16 AM

On the 20th anniversary of Art Basel Miami Beach, its largest edition yet, the two Miamis — its emerging artists and its big collectors — meet across the gap.

12/1/2022 2:36:45 PM

Beach scenes, wild turkeys and fantastic abstract forms in glass grace the M.T.A.’s new Long Island Rail Road terminal, with works by other artists.

11/30/2022 10:47:48 PM

A three-part exhibition at the Wattis Institute in San Francisco explores the many sides and sounds of percussion.

11/30/2022 3:27:52 PM

After more than 10 years of busing exhibits across the borough, the museum is opening a permanent space on the Harlem River.

12/1/2022 1:36:27 PM

“The whole tree might remind us of an organ,” the Swiss conceptual artist said of her vision for an unsettlingly anthropomorphic tree.

11/30/2022 2:00:07 PM

As a museum takes its first steps toward diversity after an insensitive job post, a nonprofit steps in to help the city heal its fraught relationship with Black artists.

11/29/2022 12:41:37 PM

Critics say the Museum of Mankind withholds information about its vast collection of human remains that could help former colonies and descendants of conquered peoples get them back.

11/29/2022 10:23:57 AM

An exhibition in Berlin shines a light on class, showing how social and financial inequality affect how art gets made, sold and displayed.

12/2/2022 10:09:56 AM